Cotton is a leading supplier of dentist supplies onlinethat range from masks, syringe tips and burs to cotton roll options that serve a variety of important in-office uses. Dental cotton rolls are commonly used in dental offices. A cotton roll allows the dentist or assistant to easily dry a tooth. The cotton can be placed between the tongue and teeth or between the cheek and teeth, allowing for the area to remain isolated and dry. For instance, a dentist might have a patient bite down on a cotton roll after a crown has been cemented, keeping the crown in the proper position.

At Dental Disposables, our pure white cotton rolls are made up of 100% highly absorbent cotton. They feature exceptional flexibility, conforming easily and maintaining shape when wet. While it may seem surprising to learn, there are stark differences among discount dental supply companies. However, as our loyal longtime customers are well aware, when you purchase from Dental Disposables, you're buying products from a company that is dedicated to providing dentists with quality products at the best prices possible.

Dentists and their patients alike will be happy to know that our cotton contains no cellulose or rayon fibers, metal, glass or grease. They will not adhere to mucous membranes that are well-packed for protection. Whether you're looking for top-quality sterilization pouches or a cotton roll package, you'll find the best prices and top notch service at our discount dental supply company.

The team at Dental Disposables stands apart from competing discount dental supply companies by providing a simple approach – we provide outstanding FDA and CE approved products, and always delivered as inexpensively as possible. By orchestrating our business in this way, we're able to greatly reduce our warehouse and inventory costs, allowing us to cut out the middle man and offer reliable, high quality products at a low cost.

In addition to our cotton rolls, we also offer cotton dental bibs that are designed for maximum absorbency. These blue 2-ply paper bibs have proven useful among patients in need of a variety of dental treatments. Particularly when anesthetics are used, a dental procedure can lead to liquids, gels that don't always make their way to a patient's mouth. These bibs allow the dentist to focus on their work without having to worry about the cleanliness of their workspace.

Similarly, our cotton swabs can have a variety of useful applications, including first-aid, cosmetic applications, cleaning and keeping an incision clean and dry. From cotton swabs or rolls to dental articulating paper, suction tips or impression material, no matter what products you're searching for, allow Dental Disposables to be your one-stop shop for high quality dental supplies at everyday low prices. In fact, our team includes a number of certified dentists, so we know first-hand the importance of dental supplies that you can count on.

We ship all throughout the U.S and Canada, so don't hesitate to contact our first-rate team today, and start the process of outfitting your dental practice with the highest quality wholesale dental supplies.