Articulating Paper

As teeth continually come into contact between each other, a person's bite can change substantially over time. In some cases, a dental professional will seek to measure the changes in a patient's bite through the use of articulating paper. At Dental Disposables, our articulating paper is soft, smooth, and sensitive enough to ensure it is effective at marking every point of articulation.

Articulating paper is a diagnostic tool used by dental professionals to highlight occlusal contacts (contact between teeth) and the distribution of occlusal forces. It's made of a thin, non-adhesive strip that's covered in fluorescent ink or dye-containing wax. While the correct chewing and speaking movements are performed, the articulating paper marks the points on the teeth where contact occurs.

For dental professionals in a variety of specialties, dental articulating paper can be a very effective tool. Regardless of what field of dentistry you're in, you'll find the best wholesale dental supplies online at Dental Disposables. Since 2012, we've provided our customers with high quality dental articulating paper and other supplies at low prices by focusing on the most common FDA and CE approved products, and frequently selling in bulk.

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The articulating paper offered at Dental Disposables is designed with extreme care in the manufacturing process, ensuring exact coating and ink penetration for each use of special paper or film. We understand that too much or too little ink can compromise the marking characteristics, which is why we are dedicated to providing our customers with articulating paper that is always expertly designed using top-quality materials.

Common uses of articulating paper include checking the occlusal surfaces of newly placed dental restorations like filling or crowns, or to highlight occlusal interferences. If you're a dental professional looking for the best dental and orthodontic supplies to complete these procedures, and many others, contact Dental Disposables today. Our wholesale dental supplied company is happy to provide high quality products at everyday low prices, so don't hesitate to get in touch with us.